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Graphic Design and Layout Tips


1 Think about your text, so that you get your message across. 

Knowing what you want to say and how you want to say it is half the battle.  Think about the message you want your marketing piece to convey and write your text to deliver that message clearly. 

Carefully proofread your copy and share with colleagues for their input to allow you to fine tune your copy to deliver the perfect message.

2 Get Visual: Choose Your Photographs and Icons

Choosing the Perfect Photograph

The photographs you choose to include in your marketing piece should directly support your message and not hide it. Choose a few high-resolution photographs from your collection.

When choosing your photographs, resolution is very important to ensure great print quality. An ideal target resolution for printing is 300 dpi. 

3 Mock It Up: Plan Your Layout

Save Time by Planning the Layout Ahead

Graphic designers will spend time at the beginning of each project evaluating the context and photographs that are to be included in the overall design and carefully plan a 'mockup' or diagram for how how they intend the layout to come together. 

Keep in mind things such as margins and folds when considering your layout and draw 'blocks' of where you anticipate your assets being placed in the layout.

Taking care of this step at the start will save you time when you dive into your design program to begin creating your project. 

4 Our Printing Guidelines: Proper Artwork Setup for Mid-Ohio ESC Print Shop

Margin: Please use .25" safe margin (also know as margin) for all important typographical and visual elements

Bleed: All documents that require a bleed on the page, please use a .125" bleed and be sure to include that in your exported document. 

Cut Size: Also referred to as the document size, set your page dimensions to be the desired final output size. For a US Letter document your page size should be set to 8.5" x 11". 

File Submission: Please submit only press quality PDF files for production with any bleeds and crop marks on the document if applicable.